Thursday, March 22, 2012


You may or may not have heard that I'm getting married.
May or may not.

But I am.
On July 27, 2013.

And here is another casual picture of my beaut of a ring:

If it seems as though I am showing off the fact that I'm getting married, it's because I am.
I've been waiting for this bad boy for a long time, so let me have it!

Since I've been planning my wedding since I was 5, I basically have the details worked out.
I considered doing something like 'Wedding Wednesdays,' but opted against it because it's kind of demanding. 
I mean, what if I don't feel like talking about my wedding every Wednesday?
So, you'll get little tidbits when I feel like it.

My MOH, Whitney, so loved my Ode to Steven that I thought it would be nice to make public all of our embarrassing habits, obessions, and moments over the last 20+ years of friendship.

And so begins the introduction to the Maid Brigade (you love it).
I'll do them one at a time, which will take forever because there are a bunch of them:

Whitney (MOH/Cousin/BFF 20+ years)
Wendy (Sister)
Helen (Sister)
Rachel (Sister)
Kelly (Sister-in-law)
Brittany (Sister-in-law)
Janelle (Sister-in-law)
Amanda O. (BFF 18+ years)
Christy (BFF 12+ years)
Amanda Z. (BFF 12+ years)

If you've been around a while, you've heard about Whitney, the Amandas, and Christy before here.

Isn't this exciting?!?!


  1. woohoo! congratulations for your wedding. i'm a new reader here, but don't worry i'll catch up