Friday, May 11, 2012

grievances & sayonara.

After work yesterday was interesting.
And by 'interesting,' I mean 'hell.'

My allergies this year are absolutely ridiculous.
I started with seasonal allergies a couple of years ago and they gradually get suckier and suckier.
I can deal with the congestion and stuffy nose, but my eyes both itch and hurt.

So, I finally gave in (like I've done for the past few years) after 3 weeks of this nonsense and went to the store to get some allergy meds.
I took a sleepy Stevie to the store with me.

My biggest regret is that I didn't video/photograph the lovely episode because, surely, this will be funny someday.  I'm still not laughing today, but someday I might.
Stevie saw some trucks/buses/car that he just had to have.
The stupid things were $6 each (holy inflation), so I told him he could have one just to get him to stop crying.
Normally, I would never have given in to this type of fit over a toy, but my eyes were on fire - much like right now.
So, we paid for everything and Stevie noticed I'd only bought him one bus.
He was NOT happy and proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs,
I might have been embarrassed if my left eye wasn't swelling to the size of a balloon and I CERTAINLY would have returned the toy on the spot if I wasn't anxious to pop some pills.

He cried the whole way home, which is only like a minute and a half, but felt like an hour.
When we got home, I had to usher (read drag) him in the door as he kicked and screamed the whole way,
Again, I would have gotten this on video if I wasn't about to flip totally out because I can hear my mom saying, "he would never do that, Suzie Q."

Big Steve realized that I was at the end of my rope and stepped in to calm Stevie down.
He even took him out of the room to play and closed the door behind him, which either means he's a considerate lovely man or that I was being a complete lunatic and he was scared.
Either way, the 10 minutes of silence and waiting for meds to kick in did the trick.

In other news, Big Steven and I are going white water rafting tomorrow.

I know.
I am both excited and terrified.
My sister's story about how she witnessed someone go overboard and thought it was so funny didn't reassure me at all.
Pray I don't drown.
If I do, it's been real.
Sayonara, folks.

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  1. "which either means he's a considerate lovely man or that I was being a complete lunatic and he was scared." I jsut busted out laughing!