Monday, July 9, 2012

spicy shrimp pasta.

Spicy Shrimp Pasta

2 lbs Uncooked Frozen Shrimp
1 cup Water
1 cup Vinegar
4 tbsp Old Bay Seasoning
1/2 box Whole Wheat Rotini
1 jar Alfredo Sauce
1 cup Spaghetti Sauce
2 cups Frozen Broccoli

Begin by bringing the Vinegar and Water to a boil in a large pot.  When boiling, add Old Bay Seasoning and stir in Shrimp.  Cover and let steam for about 3 minutes (or until pink).  This super easy recipe can be found on the back of your can of Old Bay Seasoning.

Meanwhile, bring another pot of water to boil and cook Rotini until al dente.
Drain and return to pot with Alfredo Sauce and Spaghetti Sauce.
Stir in Frozen Broccoli.

I peeled all the Shrimp for our dinner, but didn't add it to the pasta until after I set aside a few servings for Little Steve; it was a tad bit spicy for his tiny pallet.

The Verdict:
Must've been good because Stevie ate every last bite.

In other news - I should be back to blogging regularly starting next week!
I can't believe we're more than half way through 2012.
More than that, I can't believe how well I've done with my New Year's Resolutions.

To be continued...

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