Wednesday, August 22, 2012

happiness part one.

So, here goes...
Happiness is fleeting.
It's momentary and it's circumstantial.
Happiness is not joy.

We may find temporary happiness in money, clothing, children, spouses, or starbucks, but if the basis of our well being and the condition of our souls is dependent on these things - these things that can be taken from us at any moment - what are we left with?
Contemptment, hatred, disdain, and unhappiness.
So, why do we place such incredible value on things we can never keep?
What are you going to do if your closet full of clothes catches fire or is stolen?
What are you going to do if you lose your high paying job?
What are you going to do when it turns out that your significant other changes his/her mind?
What is going to happen to these things when your time on earth is done?
Consider your source of contentment.

If you sit down and really think about it, it all seems so silly, so shallow, and so pointless.

I am not saying that we shouldn't be happy.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't appreciate and enjoy what we've been given.
I'm saying not to need it.
I'm saying not to seek happiness in stuff or people.
Stuff goes away and people let you down.

Instead of seeking what might make you temporarily happy, seek joy in Jesus in the form of kindness, love, & sharing the Gospel.

At church last Sunday, Pastor Bob said something that was incredibly hard-hitting;
he said we are all one of three people:
1.  The person who doesn't know Christ.
2:  The person that does know Christ and goes on his/her way allowing others to drown because they're 'happy' the way they are.

3.  The person who knows Christ and wants others to know him, too.

I know I have friends who read my blog who aren't believers; inspired by my love for these people, I've chosen to make my blog more Christ-centered.
I also know I have friends who read my blog who are believers, but think "to each his own!"

Believers, let me ask you this:
If you know there is a hole in the sidewalk of the path your friend is walking, but they don't believe it's there, would you tell them about it anyway?
Would you want your friend to tell you what they know about the hole up ahead?  Even if you don't believe it's there?

To be continued...


  1. agree with you.i've thought about it a lot. And i know that the only one who never leave me is God. but sometimes it's just so hard to not need those things in life. i need to keep remind myself about that. i

    1. Don't I know it, sister! I have trouble remembering what's important at times, too, and I know we're not alone! Just remember God's love endures all things and there's nothing He can't do.

      "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him."
      - John Piper

  2. Unfortunately, in my line of work, I see alot the materialistic side of people. "Nothing like a divorce to bring out a persons true colors".

    I truly believe that Money is the root of all evil. But money can satisfy a desire for happiness, temporarily.

    That being said, i love a new piece of tiffany's jewelery or a new coach purse just as much as the next girl. But im also happy with what we have (or dont have in some cases)

    Great Post!!!

    1. I know what you mean! I get this little girly giggle when Steven buys me something, which is okay. Sometimes I just think people are too focused on things that will never really bring them happiness; a few years back, I was constantly on this journey to land a man and I wish I'd taken time to seek joy in those moments instead of wanting something else.

      Thanks for your encouragement, friend!