Saturday, April 30, 2011

Confessions of a Real Life Mom.

CIPJS (can I please just say) that every time I write a 'Confessions' post, the Usher song comes into my head?  Ev-er-y time.

Anyways, these are my confessions...

Confessions of a Real Life Mom

Tonight, I am home alone.  Well, Bella is here, but she is quite the napper.  Big & Little Steven are at the lake for the night; when they are home, I sometimes just want alone time but can't have it.  Then they leave me, I miss them and want them back home.  I am so difficult!

I am supposed to be critiquing 3 presentations as well as my own and studying for a big time anatomy lab test tomorrow.  Instead, I have painted my toe nails and finger nails, browsed some fantastic blogs, and made myself some coffee at 6:30pm.  Don't worry - caffeine is at my beck and call; it works when I want it to and turns off when I don't.  I will have zero trouble sleeping tonight.

I confess that I am a procrastinator.  Though not quite at the level of procrastination awesomeness as my cousin, Twitty Whitney, I have gotten the hang of it.

I confess that I am impossible.  I always want the opposite of what is, i.e. I want my boys here when they're gone and I sometimes want them to leave me alone when they're here.

I confess that I am PALE!  It's okay because pale is def. the new tan, but look at me!  I am practically transparent!

I confess that my 'dinner' will probably be a pot of coffee.

I confess that I still love the Redskins (note the Skins calendar) and I am still a season ticket holder, though it's quite possible I will be demanding my money back by the end of the season...again.

I confess that I haven't showered today.  OMG!  I can't believe I confessed that...


  1. Don't call me Twitty on your blog :) you can link my blog if you want to use my name lol! Love you!