Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles - Trip 5!

Yes, I did it again.  Yes, I went over what I'd planned.  Yes, my budget always allows for my wiggle room because I know myself REALLY well.

Little Steven needed some juice and the only juice that had an okay deal were LOADED with sugar.  Even though I basically put about a drop of juice and seriously dillute it with water, I just couldn't go for the good deals.  So, the Motts for Tots was at full price for me this trip :(.

What You See:
4 pks Tenderized Cubed Steak (about 3/4 lb each)
1 Motts for Tots Apple Juice
3 Dannon Greek Yogurt
1 Pillsbury Frosting
1 Pillsbury Devils Food Cake
1 Destin 4oz
2 Hidden Valley Salad Kits

Total OOP: $17.69
Total Saved: $16.84

Sadly, my Pillsbury coupon expired yesterday, so I couldn't use it.  BOO HOO!  But, I have plans to make Cake Pops for Mother's Day and needed it.  I have no idea what to cook with Tenderized Cubed Steak as I have never used it, but it was really cheap, so I figured I'd buy it and come up with something fancy at a later date.

I'm done with Harris Teeter Super Doubles this go 'round because I have already exceeded my super low goal budget for May by $25 and it's just now May 1st.  LOL!  However, I am still hoping to only step foot in Harris Teeter for Milk and Bananas for the entire month...

This should be fun!

Harris Teeter Super Double Totals:
Total OOP: $125.38
Total Saved: $251.51

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  1. You must have some serious fridge/freezer space!

  2. Haha! We do have a deep freezer in the laundry room :) Now, the fridge on the other hand is packed a little tight...