Thursday, May 26, 2011

My week of CVSing.

Is it sad to say that I was very excited to go to CVS today?  Yes.  It was a great excuse to get out for a walk with the little one, so I rather enjoyed it.

Since I'm starting without EBs, I was at a bit of a disadvantage and spent much more than I normally would, but got all things I needed and still ended up spending about $30 less than I would have without the card and got $12 in EBs back.

Transaction #1:
3 Suave Men's 2-in-1 Wash
3 Suave Kids 2-in-1 Wash

Used: 3 FREE coupons received from Suave
Total OOP: $5.49
Received: $3 EBs

Transaction #2:
1 Garnier Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer
1 Garnier Face Cloths
Used: (2) $2/1 Garnier Product, $3 EBs from Transaction #1
Total OOP: $17.13
Received: $10 EBs

Transaction #3:
2 Purex Laundry Detergent
2 Listerine Zero
2 Banana Boat Sunblock (SPF 30 nad SPF 50)
1 Hawaiin Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunblock
1 Playtex Sport (which I just realized they charged me $3 too much on and I will get it corrected)
Used: (2) $1/1 Banana Boat Products + (2) $1/1 CVS BB Products, (2) $1/1 Listerine Zero, $1/1 Hawaiin Tropic Product, $1.50/1 Playtex Product, (2) $1/1 Purex Laundry Detergent, $10 EBs from Transaction #2
Total OOP: $24.20
Received: $12 EBs

Total Before Coupons and EBs: $77.18
Total For All Transactions: $47.49
Received: $12 EBs

post signature - here is my Laundry Detergent 'stock pile:'

pardon the wall...
I didn't pay more than $2.50 for a single bottle up there; most of the time, it was under $2 :)  The dryer sheets I got this week - there are 4 - each was under $1!

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