Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Thursday Push!

we are a warm weather family!

Almost a 3 day weekend!

Annoying things, weird things, and cool things are happening:

Annoying things.  Working from home has been pushed back yet again until June 8th.  Truly, I am very grateful for the opportunity, but a bit annoyed that the communication is pretty horrid.  I send emails often that go without response...whatevs, but this is something that effects me, my sitter, my son, and my bf, so I should know without having to ask multiple times what's going on.  Right?

Weird things.  Yesterday, I had to take Little Steven to the ER because he stopped breathing at Mrs. L's house and turned blue.  She had to hold him upside down and blow in his face to make him breathe.  Super scary, right?  We got X-rays done and there was no fluid in his lungs, but he does have an upper respiratory infection and a slight ear infection (again!).  I went for a follow up to his Dr. today to see what she thinks; and here's where things get weird - evidently Little Steven volutarily holds his breath out of anger/frustration.  Dr. Jackson says he'll probably do it multiple times and will probably pass out from it and potentially have a seizure.  Not to worry, the body's natural insticts will kick in and he'll start breathing again and be okie dokie.  Essentially, my precious son is sort of a brat.  Honestly?  I was SUPER happy to hear this because I know nothing is really wrong with my sweet little boy aside from his daddy's temper.

Cool things.  I get to spend the weekend at Lake Anna!  I do have to come back (1.5 hr drive) to go to class Sunday morning, but I will make the drive back to the lake afterwards and stay until Monday afternoon/early evening.  I can't wait to spend time by the water and in the sunshine!  Lake Anna is my absolute favorite place to be; it's relaxing, fun, and I love the people that go.  The song 'Redneck Yacht Club' was pretty much written about us.  Truth.

Something to push ya:

Obviously, the 3 day weekend.  Even though many of you are Mamas, the 3 day weekend will hopefully allow some family time for you and a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather. 

Less obviously is the little blessings in life.  So my son is going to be a nice big handful for a while with these fits, BUT at least his lungs are clear, his O2 levels are good, and he's happy and healthy.  So I have to go into the office for another week and half, BUT at least I'm eventually going to have an opporutnity that many people would like to have and never get.

I know it's not always easy to see the bright things in life when little bumps come along, but I honestly believe they're always there.  Sometimes it just takes more time to see the little blessings when we're so focused on the negative.

Happiness is creating opportunites out of heart-breaking moments.

Call me optimistic and unrealistic, but at least I'm happy.

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