Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Thursday Push.

Hmm...allergies still suck this week.  Whatcha gonna do about it?  Wear glasses.  Get over it.

As you can see from my Confessions this A.M., I've become a bit lackadaisical  about caring for my home largely due to feeling like a giant pile of crap by the end of the day; And that little green stuff - pollen - gets the credit for that.  I can't even enjoy my sunroof yet!  On top of not getting to wear mascara (which is very sad for me, that's why I've mentioned it more than once), I have to wear glasses.  Glasses + adult braces = largest nerd of all times.

My fix?  The stuff that doesn't suck.  This does NOT suck:

I was mussing my tail off this morning when I couldn't get my contacts to feel comfortable, then I walked out of the bathroom and saw this lovely photo opp.  GAHHHH!  I was just so in love.  Little Steven sure loves Bella.  As you can see, she's a bit indifferent to him, but he thinks she is just neat.

Not even these ill-fitting glasses will ruin that moment.  So.In.Love.

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