Friday, June 17, 2011

'F' is For Fitness.

Really, 'F' is for 'Friday' - and a few other choice words - but today, it's for 'Fitness.'

I am not expert at fitness, I just try to stay motivated to be healthy.  Honestly, being in a relationship with a man who is incredibly fit (and incredibly delish!) is a nice motivator.  It can also be a little bit annoying.

As much as I scold my love for being naturally fit, I know it doesn't just come naturally.  He works his N-U-Ts off and, on top of that, lifts weights and goes for random runs.  His random runs make me want to punch him as well because when I go for random runs, I almost die; he, on the other hand, comes back looking hotter than ever.  ANNOYING.

Okay, now onto the motivating part...

His fitness makes me want to be fit, too.  I want to be able to keep up with him and Little Steven (who will undoubtedly be an athlete like his Daddy) and not feel like I'm lagging.  We're also going to the beach next month and I don't want people wondering what Mr. Shirtoff (c/o the funniest video posted on my wall by EP)  is doing with Chubs.  Listen, I have an okie dokie self-esteem; I don't think I'm hideous and I don't think I'm large, but I do think I could use some work.

So, here are some little tips I've received over the last few months during 'Operation Beach Babe' that have been useful:

- Drink a lot of H2O.  By a lot, I mean a lot.  I keep a 40 oz water bottle at my desk and I drink at least 1.5 a day, then I drink lots of water when I get home.  I was told a long time ago that if your pee is not clear, you're not getting enough H2O.  Truth?  I don't know, but it's just a little standard I choose to live by.

- Eat Dinner Early.  We do this in our house by default because we're early risers, but I really believe it's helped me to at least maintain my weight.  Even on weeks when I don't work out and eat like crap, I don't seem to gain weight.  I'm much more likely to be active afterwards because it's still early enough to hang out with the baby, clean up, and then work out at soon as Little Steven goes to bed.  It's really been a great change for me.

- Cardio, cardio, cardio.  As a mom, I know I feel like I'm going all the time, which must mean that I am burning super calories.  I probably am, but there is nothing quite like getting in a good 30 minute (at least) cardio sesh when I'm able.  I attempt to do it at least 3 times a week, and usually go beyond that.  When I don't work out, I don't lose weight.  I could eat like a bird all day and still stay the same weight if I'm not working out...does that make sense?  No, but that's how it works for me.

- Weights.  Mr. Delish (Big Steven) suggested that adding some light weights would help me increase calories burned and tone up.  I have an issue with 'wings' under my arms, so I started trying this about 2 weeks ago.  Let me tell you, it's definitely working already.  I've only been using 5 lb weights when I'm on the bike, but my arms are definitely getting a bit more toned and I'm feeling better about them, not to mention more motivated.

- Self Esteem.  This has been a BIG factor in whether or not I'm successful in the past.  If I am down on myself and talk about how much I loathe my body, I tend to quit easily.  If I look at working out as a way to feel better about myself, AND appreciate the smallest of changes (i.e., 1 lost lb or leaner looking arms), I am significantly more successful.  This also helps me to lose weight the 'right' way as opposed to harming my body.

- Determine your motivation.  Like I said earlier, I want to be able to keep up with my boys.  That is SO important to me.  I never want to feel like I'm too out of shape to play with them.  I also want to feel like I'm giving Big Steven a run for his money...a little competition is good for my soul.

I have a good ways to go before my body is where I want it to be, but at least I know I'm working toward something.

What are your best tips?  I'd love to hear what you guys are doing to be in shape!

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P.S. Happy Father's Day, My Love.  We are so lucky to have you; you're a hard worker, you're a great provider, and you're incredibly easy on the eyes.


  1. I love this post! Especially everything before the "motivating part". We are very much in the same boat with men that have the metabolism we wish we had... or we had before kids and that got destroyed by our kids! I love my babies.. but i dont love the havoc they wreaked on my body.

  2. Sarah - I hear ya! Just before I got pregnant, I lost a good amount of weight and was looking pretty great, then I ate a lot of cheeseburgers and stopped working out. The rest is history! I think I'll be much more conscious of what I eat the next time around.

  3. What you ate was a lot of chili-cheese dogs and chili-cheese tots from SONIC! :)
    I think I got my kick in the butt this week. I started running, completely out of the blue and ran a 5k one day and 1.75mi the next and it's a little jaunt just to get to the trail and back so probably an extra mile there :) Oh, and I walked Koopa in my easy tones for 1.5 miles around the hilly golf course! My food hasn't been too bad (minus the spicy chicken sammy from Wendys yesterday). I love how I notice the little things and you know it's only stuff we notice and no one else that makes us feel good and keeps us motivated!!!

  4. YAH! It's definitely the stuff I only notice that makes me feel good.

    P.S. those chilli cheese dogs and tots were definitely worth it. hahaha. I'd probably do it again unpreg next time I visit!