Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Thursday Push!

The best thing about this morning:
My body looks good in my new white pencil skirt, which was a nice surprise.  Other than that, this has been a morning that I'd like to restart.

It started off with a silent, therefore useless, alarm.  Evidently, my non-smart phone doesn't make sound if it's on the charger.  Luckily, Little Steven wakes up around 5:30am every morning (which happened to be my planned rise time), so I was only a few minutes behind schedule.  I got my bottom braces put on yesterday and my top ones tightened.  Suck fest.  Let's put it this way: yesterday, I had a space in between my two front teeth and today I don't.  I was 30 minutes late for work thanks to the ridiculous traffic that defines Northern Virginia.  Honestly, I have no idea why people want to live here and I am soooo ready to move.

Get off my back, craptastic morning!

Someone was hired for my position in the office, which means I start working from  home on June 27th.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Now, there is some 'gossip' going around and I am slightly convinced that I will be laid off shortly after the move out of the work place, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  What I cannot understand is the constant need to focus on everyone but oneself; why do we care so much what 'he' or 'she' is doing?  Or in this case, why do they care so much about what I'm doing?  The most annoying comment is "there is no way she can work from home and take care of a baby."  Is there really no way?  5 hours a day between the hours of 6:30 and 5?  My son does sleep, you know.  Not to mention I've given the person making this comment a detailed explaination of what I plan to do when I start working from home.  The worst part?  None of it is being mentioned to me.  If you have a concern about whether or not I will be able to do it, why not ask me my plans?  Why not confront me about it?  I will respect and understand that significantly more than hearing the nonsense.

Sometimes I really feel like certain people will never grow up.  If you've hit the age of 40 and still act this's probably never going to change.

Honestly, I do have a plan to squash this mess.  Prove them wrong.  It is a HECK of an incentive that I will get commission for any sales in which I am instrumental; the ability to continue working from home the more successful I am is also motivating.  My initial reaction is to be really pissed off, but what does that solve?  All it does is make me feel like crap.  If this works out, it works out; if it doesn't, God will provide something else for me.

Until then, as vain as it may be, I will look at myself in this white pencil skirt multiple times and be proud of my persistent work outs.  Also, I have edamame and french bread pepperoni pizza to look forward to at lunch.  YAH!

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