Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Dreams and Things...

Still not working from home, which means still no time to follow through with plans.  That does NOT mean I can't be prepared with ideas.  Big Steven loves my ideas.

I bought some little inspirational signs to build my master bath around...2 years ago?  Anywhoo, here is an idea of what it WILL look like:

Think blue and white crisp deliciousness.

BTW, if you are a real friend to me, you will volunteer to help me paint said bathroom.  Pays in beer and somethin' on the grill.  No application necessary, all helpers pre-approved!

Ahem, ahem - Whitney - you are my numero uno choice because of your mad painting skillz.  You love beer and you love me.  Plus, we can just be silly for old times sake.  All around WIN!

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  1. I love this idea for a bathroom! On a whim (and that i was tired of looking at crayon covered walls) i painted our master bath a girly purple. You are hired to help give me decorating ideas for Benjamin's bathroom and our spare bedroom!

  2. consider it a DATE! I'm helping an old coworker paint this weekend and she lives in MD :) do you have a tentative plan for when this said painting will occur?

  3. Sarah, I will totes help if I ever get out of this place!

    Whitney, YOU RULE! Tentatively set for early-mid July for the bathrooms. I plan to do our master little bits at a time over the month of june when i have time.

  4. Its beginning to bother me that i cant "like" comments on blogger....

  5. Wbat color paint and brand is the first pic? That is the color Ive been looking for?