Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Thursday Push!

A little different 'Push' today.  Thinking about the Awkward and Awesome stuff in life makes us laugh and remember the good things.

{great blog.}
Sydney's blog is really a fashion forward blog, which is not my forte, but I adore this blog. 

Reasons I recommend her blog to everyone:
- It's honest.  I have come across few blogs that are legitimately passionate blogs, but this one encompasses not only a passion for fashion, but a passion for life and love as well.
- Her clothes = adorbs.  She wears real people clothes, not some crazy mix of things that you see in magazines.  That's not to say that every item of clothing is suited for me personally, but I like that she inspires ideas that are realistic.
- She's pregnant.  I love pregnant people.  Haha.  I know that's weird, but I think pregnancy is so beautiful.  I'm also interested in seeing how she maintains being cute; I, for one, wore a LOT of stretch pants and oversized tops.  I have no doubt she'll be the cutest preg ever.

Now, to the point...


- Folding laundry and noticing that my son, who has an intense love of tags, has a tag in his mouth...attached to my panties.  YES, they were clean, but still very awkward.
- Not only is the glasses/adult braces combo awkward in and of itself, but my glasses slide down frequently, so I have to do that 'finger-push.'  Sexy.
- Trying to remain cheerful at work when you hear 'things.'
- The 'flipper-offer' behind me this A.M.  I can only go as fast as the car in front of me.


- Being able to suck it up and kindly demand a serious time from when I will start working from home.
- Breezing through my Pharmacology online class because I can work as fast as I wanna!
- Knowing that arguments with my love make us stronger.
- My son saying "HI MAMA" every time I re-enter the room.

A little Awkward & Awesome:

- This picture:

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  1. I do the "finger push" ever day, multiple times a day and it is sexy, not nerdy :) The braces I can't say much for though. Just kidding cousin, you're sexy no matter what! the whole tag attached to panties though, that is awkward. Koopa likes tags too but he's never put panties in his mouth (thank God)! OH and...did you actually seriously tell your boss?!?!


    Evidently my boss knows nothing about what's going on, which doesn't surprise me. BUT, I did tell my coworker (who is in charge of hiring the new Admin) that I need a date and on top of sucking for me, it's really unfair to my sitter to continue pushing the date back. So, now she is going to pin point a date, but I've been told absolutely not past June 24th as my first day because that's when Mrs. L's vacation is planned. SOOOOO, hopefully she understands my frustrations and at least keeps me updated without me having to ask constantly.

  3. just bug and annoy them until you get to work from home :) i'd do it, but then again, I'm kind of a pain in the @$$