Monday, June 13, 2011

My Week of CVSing.

I started this week with $12 EBs from this purchase plus $5 EBs for the Beauty Club.
{forgot to put the Vitamin Water I opened in the pic}
What You See:

5 Vitamin Waters (well, you see 4, but I got 5)
3 2 pks Mandarin Oranges

Used: $7 EBs
Total OOP: $1.07
Got: $2 EBs

That leaves me with $12 EBs for shopping this week plus a $10 CVS gift card I got as a reward with my bank.  Nice!

This week, CVS is still offering Gas Cards for money spent on certain items.   Gatorade is on sale for $0.88, so I'll buy a lot of those this week paired with a few other non EB items.  The EB deals kinda stink this week, but next week has some on Garnier skin care (which I love!) and Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen (which we need).

Happy Shopping!
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