Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Thursday Push!

Today is a morning soda type of day.  BUT, I didn't have coffee this morning, so it's justified.
{missing my diet coke!}
Since I made the decision to keep at school full force during the Summer, I am really feeling the pressure.  I have 1 Sunday course and 3 online courses with a 4th starting this month.  The only thing keeping me going is seeing the results. 

Last Saturday was extraordinarily stressful; I had an Essay Exam that morning and an Anatomy Exam Sunday morning.  I felt okay about my Essay, but didn't realize there was a specific word count until I submitted it.  Evidently I hit the number because I got a 100%! 

Anatomy & Physiology, on the other hand, is a TOUGH subject.  I did some last minute studying and finished my flash cards (yes I did) and was up until about 11:30pm before I started cracking.  By cracking, I mean studying so much that I began to go into exhaustion mode; things started to jumble together, I started tearing up, and the word 'Anatomy' stimulated my gag reflex.  So, I took a shower and went to bed.  I woke up a few minutes early to go over my cards again and I actually knew what I was reading, which was a great sign.  Ultimately, I managed a B+ despite a few tricky questions (Dr. Ma never disappoints there) and one that I thought was in a foreign language.

I have one Essay Exam for HUM241 left that I can take any time between now and June 27th and will be DONE with the course.  Providing I get a C+ or higher, which I will, I will walk away with an A in the course!  YAH!

Seeing the results of my work has really pushed me to keep going.  Knocking out 4 more courses this Summer so I can get through the Nursing Program easier will make my life significantly easier when the time comes.  Knowing that my future career will help my provide for my family, give me more options, and allow me to give back to my community gives me peace of mind.

Perseverance pays off.  Never give up on dreams.

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