Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This Kid.

It starts every night.  I tuck him in and leave the room, followed by him crying for Daddy to tuck him in, followed once more by wanting Mommy to come give kisses.  It was cute at first...

You know what else used to be cute?  When he'd wake up when Daddy left so he could sleep with Mommy.  Only he doesn't go back to sleep anymore.  It's "milk, mama" or "tv!"  This morning, it started at 4:30am.  I went in to tuck him back in and find the tag on his blanket, then madness ensued.  So, Daddy did as Daddy does and walked in the room, said "lay down" and the child went back to sleep.  Pardon me, but WTF?  When did I become chopped liver?

Then he woke up again at 5:45 relentless.  I went in there about 3 times from 5:45-7:15 with no luck of getting that child to go back to sleep.  Finally, I just yelled passed the door (as not to torture the child with my presence) for him to lay back down.  I begged, really.  Then he started saying "MOMMY?!  WHERE ARE YOU?!" 

I love this pain in the butt. 

And I died laughing...literally because my throat is significantly worse today, so the laugh was pretty painful.  Feeling pretty grateful today for being able to spread out my working hours so I can try to kick this thing.

Happy day, people!


  1. See, I'm a strep throat whore. I get it every year 3 times a year. My throat usually swells shut and I'm stuck on a liquids diet for about 3-4 days and I'm on my death bed for about a week. However, knock on wood (I'm literally knocking on my end table) I have yet to get it since I've had my boys. I never had my tonsils removed (irresponsisble parenting). So I've got my fingers crossed that pregnancy broke my throat of its whorish ways with strep. I really hope you feel better and Stevie behaves for you?

  2. Sarah! That is so weird - I was just saying the other day how I used to get strep every year until I got pregnant! I don't think that's what it is now because I can swallow, it just hurts. I think it's just a cold and the sore throat is more from sleeping with my mouth open. Thanks for the well wishes - I hope it goes away, too. It makes it really difficult to want to do anything.