Thursday, February 16, 2012


My little guy has taken it upon himself to find his way to my bed every morning between the hours of 5-6 am.
We (and by 'we,' I mean 'Big Steve') used to have this very strict rule about Stevie being in our bed, but that rule has since been changed:

Old Rule: He sleeps in his own bed.
Modified Rule: He sleeps in his own bed except some nap times.
New Rule:  He sleeps in his own bed except when he wakes up (must be after 5am or else he needs to go back to bed in his own bed) and he can sleep in our bed at nap times when he's at home.

He is the best cuddler early in the morning and he is quite the morning person - definitely gets that from Daddy.  He speaks so sweetly and softly in the morning, I could just die.

Some of my favorite early morning Stevie words:
- "good morning, mama."
- "how you today?"
- "pound it." (accompanied by the fist)
- "choc milk please."
- when asked if he wants cereal, he says, "how 'bout donut?"
- when i say no to the donut, he says, "owight, i like cereal."
- "daddy workin'?"
- "i miss you, daddy."
- when asked if he wants to go somewhere, he responds "not today."
- "hi Bella gull (girl)."

There are many others and he generally cracks me up.
Kids say the darndest things, I tell ya.


  1. Things like this are why Stevie needs to teach Benjamin some tricks!

    1. ol' benny boo will learn a few tricks in the next year, don't you worry!