Monday, February 20, 2012


  Unfortunately, some sort of stomach bug paired with my cold had me on my butt, literally, from 7 pm Saturday night until this morning.

BUT, I had a really fun weekend, despite the fact that I didn't do everything I'd hoped.

I went out with some ladies to Nick's Nightclub, which was super fun.
My new goal: YouTube line dancing and become a pro.

[different strokes for different folks.]
[good ol' deb.]
[hands out = off center, but <3 these gals.]
 Saturday morning, I could feel the yuckies setting in, but I had a date with my main man to Disney on Ice.  He LOVED it; I wasn't expecting his response, but he was just in awe of the entire show.

[he LOVES mickey!]
[aunt Dede loves mickey more, though.]
Sunday basically looked like this:

[special thanks to my love for taking care of me and taking on all my usual duties.]
Today, I got my ring back and re sized to perfection!  Best part of my weekend.
I feel like a real taken lady now.

And a HUGE, special shout out to Mandy on her special day!
Thanks for being born, my friend!

Can't wait for your celebracion de birth!


  1. hey suzie!
    I sent you a message through blogger (not sure if you got it) so i thought i'd leave you a comment here.
    a couple weeks ago I received the Liebster blog award from a fellow blogger named Sue over at Hello. Also, I love you. and now I am passing it on to you!! :) You can read more about the award, what it is and the rules of the award at my post here:

    btw, congrats and pretty ring!

  2. Awwwww thanks friend.... Love you and I can't wait to see your bling in person!!!