Monday, March 26, 2012

Maid of Honor.

And so begins the story of Whitney.
I mean, we've known each other forever seeing as we are 'step-cousins,' but I used to think she was a brat.

Then we hit middle school, began obsessing over the Backstreet Boys, and realized that we both happened to be the best dancers ever.
The rest is history, folks.

Whitney is one of those friends that I can completely disagree with (and she can disagree with me) but we love each other just the same.
It's a match made in heaven.
We've certainly had our fair share of arguments, but then we became grown ups and realized it's okay to disagree with each other and even voice that disagreement.
In fact, I think it's what makes her my BFF.

Ode to Whitney

My B to the FF, 
My Backstreet lady, 
I love you so much cuz you ain't not shady.

You tell me how it is 
and I tell you too,
and that's alright 
because it's really nothing new.

We think "Friends" is funny,
We laugh until we pee.
It's one of the few things in this world
funnier than you and me.

We LOVE eating good food,
and we like to drink some vino.
I prefer the White, 
but you prefer the Pinot.

We are the queens of dancing,
no one can deny.
They try to hate on us, 
but they even know they lie.

 We're country girls all the way,
We sing it loud and proud.
We fest at CMA,
and scream super loud.

You're the peanut butter to my jelly,
the Frick to my Frack.
I love you like the food in my belly,
there's nothing that you lack.

I'm getting all married and committed,
 but that doesn't make me a gonner.
Nothing makes me happier
than you being my Maid of Honor.

and I'm fairly confident you laughed a lot during this.  

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