Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wendy the Sister.

Wendy is my eldest sister who acts like she's about 20 years younger than I am.
She took a lot of crap from her younger siblings me growing up but somehow managed to still like me after all was said and done.
So, to reward her loyalty, she shall be in my wedding.

Ode to Wendy

She may be pretty nice,
and she looks really sweet,
But if you mess with her family,
You'll get your butt beat.

She's past the age of thirty,
but she loves Mickey Mouse.
She's super duper purty
and she has a big ol' house.

The commercials on TV
often make her cry,
She's a big old baby,
but, really, so am I.

She's a crazy, super-fan,
From Twilight to Harry Potter.
If a sexy vampire is involved,
you know you surely got her.

She's the greatest Aunt Dede
and one of my favorite sibs.
She'll only outdo herself
when she has her own kids.

I hope she knows that through the mess
are where God's best plans are laid.
She's gonna be the best,
biggest boobied bridesmaid.

Love you, sista.


  1. she sounds like super fun! the kind of person who can light up the athmospere when she's around.
    and you know what? she does sound like she's 10 years younger than me,,haha

    1. HAHA! she's the best. she really does have a contagious smile and a genuine heart.