Monday, April 2, 2012

a long/great couple of days.

Aside from being really annoyed and borderline depressed about the tease 80 degree week we had that disappeared, I had a really awesome/tiring week.

We celebrated my niece, Austyn's, birthday Thursday at Red Robin (as if there is any other way to do it).

[the birthday girl!]

[my happy fellas.]

[Austyn and her big sister, Ashley.]
Even though I get really sad when kids grow up, it's such a cool thing to watch them learn and grow.  Always appreciate the kids in your life.

Friday night, I made some delicious turkey meatballs.  I am WILD!

Saturday morning, Little Steve and I went to Meemaw's house and he spent the majority of the time eating and running around with his Mater bubble machine.

After eating more food than necessary, we grabbed this sweet girl and Big Steven and headed down to Lake Anna.

Lake Anna is, by far, one of my favorite places to be.
So relaxing, so pretty, and the kids get to run wild.

It's always a good weekend when we get to see Brittany and her little family.
They live a bit away, so I understand that they can't just up and come see us whenever they want to, but we sure love seeing Baby Brandon, who at 2 months, is almost as heavy as Stevie.

Stevie did a lot of relaxing.
This picture cracks me up!
Watching Sponge Bob, eating some Goldfish, and crossing his legs.
What a dork.

And this is how I judge how successful our weekend was.
He was WIPED out.
Fell asleep on the car ride home around 6 and I had to wake him up this morning to go to work.

All of this was awesome, but the best part of the weekend was hearing Big Steve yell at a cow to get out of the way because he was about to get pooped on.
Then calling the cow a dummy for not moving.

I am living the life, I tell ya.


  1. So wait, Big Steven was going to poop on a cow?!? AWESOME!

    1. LOL! DANG IT, SARAH! though i wouldn't put such an action passed him, it was another cow who was gonna poop on him.

    2. Poop on another cow or poop on Big Steven... now im confused :)