Monday, April 16, 2012

the other sister, helen.

You've been anxiously awaiting this one.
Don't lie.

An Ode to Helen

I like to post pictures
where I look prettier than you,
It's super duper hard
cuz there are so few.

You make me laugh so hard,
which wasn't always the case;
You used to punch me in the back,
and then I'd punch your face.

You asked "what happened to the bread?"
And we'd all die laughing.
You're awesome from the brains in your head
to your old school rapping.

Jason, Luda, Ben Folds Five
You'd die happy if you could marry these guys.

We've had some interesting taste in men,
people could definitely tease us,
but don't get it twisted,
Helen's main man is Jesus.

Your face gets super red
when I run around nakey.
It's my quality you dread,
but I yell "SHAKE 'N BAKEY!"

You got a bangin' body
and a hot booty, too.
The only thing missing from my bridesmaid clan
is YOU!

Go ahead, Helen.  Shake your head at me.
You know you LOVE it.

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