Thursday, July 12, 2012

my pseudo sister, rachel.

Bridesmaid #4!

Rachel isn't a blood relative, but I call her my sister anyways.
She's brilliant, kind, beautiful, and I never thought twice about her being in my wedding.

Ode to Rachel

Girl is a smarty pants,
She makes me super proud!
She makes me do a happy dance
and by her I'm ever wowed.

She doesn't just stop at genius, though;
She's also quite a beaut.
When I brag about my sister,
Her whistle I gladly TOOT!

She's quite the spunky monkey
and makes me laugh like a nut;
She's the good kinda funky
and gets me out of my rut.

This picture will always be funny,
but you had to be there.
It's a memory with my Rachey
that we'll forever share.

Her hair is always a different color,
She likes to keep it versatile.
I liken her to my owl shirt
that used to always make me smile.

You're officially part of the family,
which might make you a little afraid.
I can't wait for you to stand by me
as my 3rd sister bridesmaid.

I love you, Rachel!
You make me so proud!

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