Tuesday, August 7, 2012

cheater chocolate chip muffin balls.

I promised to post these last week when I made them.
I lied and I'm very sorry about that.

My mom got me a cool little gadget for my birthday that will make quick treats even quicker!
I looooove that!

I cheated very much when I made these muffin balls; I didn't even use my own recipe for muffins.  Harris Teeter had these Martha White ones on sale for $0.99, so I grabbed a few.

Cheater Chocolate Chip Muffin Balls

1 package Muffin Mix (or your own recipe)
Whatever else the package calls for
Awesome Cake Pop Maker

I literally just greased up my Pop Maker with a little vegetable oil and waited about 5 minutes for each batch to complete cooking.

That's all I did!
This hardly counts as a real recipe, but I am way out of the blogging loop (thanks to school!), so it's a great start.

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